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You must be a member in good standing of Ordo Templi Orientis first!
We cannot offer refunds.

Star Sapphire Lodge Membership

Star Sapphire Lodge has been chartered by United States Grand Lodge Ordo Templi Orientis to serve the Greater Los Angeles area through the promulgation of the Law of Thelema through initiatory, ecclesiastical, and other services.

We offer a variety of events, some of which are only open to members of O.T.O., and many other events that are open to the general public. If you wish to see an upcoming list of our events, please visit our events page.

For more information about O.T.O., visit http://oto-usa.org/oto/. For questions about Star Sapphire Lodge, contact info@starsapphire-oto.org.

Membership in Ordo Templi Orientis

Membership in O.T.O. means becoming an initiate member of O.T.O., and initiation is available to every man and woman who is free, of full age (at least 18 years old), and of good report, which generally speaking means finding two members who are at least First Degree initiates to sponsor you. In order to establish your "good report,” it is best to start attending some of our events, where you can meet members who may wish to get to know you prior to sponsoring you.

Initiate membership begins at the degree of Minerval. The Minerval Degree is an introductory degree designed to, in part, provide initiates with an opportunity to decide whether on or not to become a full member of O.T.O., which is irrevocably established at First Degree (I°).

Membership in Star Sapphire Lodge

Membership in Star Sapphire Lodge starts at $44/month (Minerval through First Degree) and increases to $60/month for Second Degree initiates and above.

We also offer a hardship program for members who are temporarily unable to pay the full amount. For more details about this program, we encourage you to contact treasurer@starsapphire-oto.org.

People who are already members of a local body or who reside 100+ miles from a local O.T.O. and desire to support our work financially are welcome to become Affiliate members of Star Sapphire Lodge for $22 per month.

We also offer additional membership options for people within our community who are able to donate at higher levels.

All members of Star Sapphire Lodge are treated as equals, and we make no distinction between members on hardship and those paying significantly higher amounts. With the exception of our Affiliate members, all of our members are classified as Local Body Members.

Local Body Membership and Man of Earth Initiation

Liber CI: “All Brethren shall be exceedingly punctual in the payment of Lodge Dues. This is to take precedence of all other calls upon the purse.”

We require that all individuals seeking to obtain initiation within the Man of Earth Triad at Star Sapphire Lodge become and remain members of a local body.

Not only are membership dues critical to financing our operators, we have found diligent observance of this practice integral to creating and maintaining a stakeholder culture where all members are equally invested in our success.

Members 3 or more months in arrears must pay at least the current plus two additional months of dues to become locally dues current. Note: this policy exists throughout all Southern California O.T.O. bodies.

Membership Privileges

Liber CI: “The first and greatest of all privileges of a Brother is to be a Brother; to have accepted the Law, to have become free and independent, to have destroyed all fear, whether of custom, or of faith, or of other men, or of death itself. In other papers the joy and glory of those who have accepted The Book of the Law as the sole rule of life is largely, though never fully, explained; and we will not here recapitulate the same.”

Being a dues current member of a local body begins with recognizing the immense privilege that we have in coming to realization of the Law of Thelema and taking an active role in empowering Star Sapphire Lodge to serve our members as well as the people of Greater Los Angeles in more effectively advancing the message of Thelema and the work of O.T.O. to as many people as we can reach.

More mundanely, all dues current Local Body members (including members on hardship) of Star Sapphire Lodge are eligible to borrow books from our extensive library and attend most events for free. Members are also invited to attend our Quarterly Membership Meetings and take an active role in giving feedback and contributing to the well-being of our local body.

As most of our Affiliate members reside outside of the Greater Los Angeles area, they are not eligible to borrow books from our library. Though some exceptions may apply, dues current Affiliate members are eligible to get 50% off the admission price to events that are free to Local Body members.

Membership may be paid in person to our Treasurer, or you may make membership payments online using the PayPal form on this page. Each link to the right requires a PayPal account so your contributions may be automatically deducted each month.